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Serving Sri Lanka

This web log is a news and views blog. The primary aim is to provide an avenue for the expression and collection of ideas on sustainable, fair, and just, grassroot level development. Some of the topics that the blog will specifically address are: poverty reduction, rural development, educational issues, social empowerment, post-Tsunami relief and reconstruction, livelihood development, environmental conservation and bio-diversity. 

Monday, April 04, 2005

Water supply management: transparency in decision-making

Water supply management: transparency in decision-making process needed

As water becomes more scarce and fewer people have access to safe water supplies, efficient and fair distribution of water resources is vital. Sustainable and honest management of water supplies is needed urgently .Transparency of information and decision-making is crucial for the success of any sustainable development project. With more than a billion people currently lacking reliable access to safe water, it is important to examine the implications of transparency and public participation on the management of international water systems. In any sustainable development project care must be taken to ensure that participants genuinely represent the designated groups affected by the project. It is equally important that participants have access to fair and honest information, and that government and other regulatory bodies provide feedback to the constituencies that they represent. Corruption can exist both in governments and in international firms that invest in water resource development projects. This impedes sustainable development and denies people access to the resources that they need to survive. Transparency in reporting and decision-making allows for a bottom-up approach driven by the needs and priorities of communities, and also a top-down approach which provides a measure of security to governments, companies and other regulators. Honest and accessible information allows all stakeholders to be involved in decision-making, which provides a basis for genuine sustainable water resource development.
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