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Serving Sri Lanka

This web log is a news and views blog. The primary aim is to provide an avenue for the expression and collection of ideas on sustainable, fair, and just, grassroot level development. Some of the topics that the blog will specifically address are: poverty reduction, rural development, educational issues, social empowerment, post-Tsunami relief and reconstruction, livelihood development, environmental conservation and bio-diversity. 

Sunday, April 17, 2005

E-Corruption and the rise of religion

Daily News: "16/04/2005 On My Watch by Lucen Rajakarunanayake

Corruption in education or E-Corruption as I would call it is very much in the news today. The admission of children to the First Year classes in most "popular" or so-called "better schools" has been reeking of corruption for a very long time. This is true of most schools in the State sector as well as many in the semi-State or "assisted" category and private schools too.

We are well aware of how parents and even parents-to-be begin the preparation of false documentation to admit their offspring to the "best" schools of their choice, once the child is of age for admission. Fraud takes place in everything from electricity bills; the "something" given to the Grama Niladhari to certify residence at the chosen address; house rent receipts obtained for premises they do not live in, and the teaching of children to lie about their places of residence from the time they speak their first words. The ruses used are endless from letters given by politicians to connections with high officials in the Department of Education.

With all this fraud, influence and pressure brought on school principals and admission committees, the final gambit in E- Corruption is the outright bribe. Often this goes to so-called "School Development Funds" that never see development nor any statement of accounts. Some take these bribes through third party agents to avoid later tracing, while still others get their benefits in kind. Full Story..

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